Friday, February 3, 2012

February Genealogy Goals

February is shaping up to be a busy month already so genealogy time and goals are going to be limited. I have to do our taxes, always a dreaded chore since both my husband and I are self-employed. My new laptop should be arriving in a couple weeks so I need to devote some time to setting it up and loading everything on it.

Also on the schedule is a parent-teacher conference, a visit from my mom, a visit from my sister and niece, and a girl's night out (we're going to see the Chippendales!). Last but not least, I will be participating in the 29 Day Organizational Challenge at OrgJunkie. An organized house means less time dealing with household chores and more time for genealogy.

  • Finish list of people to check in 1940 census.
  • Develop research plan for Lewis County, West Virginia.
  • Finish outline for budget genealogy book.
  • Review one genealogy book.
  • Finish January's assignments for US Records Study Group and do February assignments.
  • Read one genealogy book.
  • Get new laptop set up.
  • Join NGS.

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