Friday, April 1, 2011

March Genealogy Goals Recap


Extract Neal (and variations) vital records for Lewis County.

Develop research plan for determining date of death and parents for Thomas Vanzandt.
Done. You can read it here.

Work on plan for genealogy research trip to south Georgia next month.
It turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated, probably because I kept finding new stops to add to my itinerary. Anyway, it's only partially complete right now. I'll post it as soon as it's finished, most likely in more than one post due to size.


Make table of contents for each surname folder so I can see at a glance what each folder has.
Put off until I finish reorganizing my folders. Due to some families having more information than others, not to mention running out of space to store folders, I am combining some surnames.


Write 8 posts a month for each of my blogs.
Done here, but I'm one short on my other blog.


Take one of the online research classes at FamilySearch.
Done. Took Timeline...Lifelines. Even if you're familiar with timelines, check it out. I learned about two resources that I wasn't aware of.


Index at least 2,000 names for FamilySearch.
I'm sad to say I didn't index any names this month.

Visit mother-in-law to begin scanning her pictures.
Done. As soon as I finish editing, labeling and organizing the pictures, I'm going back for more.

This month I finally heard back from the Restore the Ancestors Project and got started. I completed my first 10 pages and I'm looking forward to doing more.

This month also makes my first family connection found via this blog. I was contacted by someone with a distant family connection. Her 2nd great grandfather was the uncle of my great grandmother's stepmother. I hadn't done a lot of research into the line because I'm not descended from it, but getting contacted peaked my interest so I'm doing some digging to see what I turn up.

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