Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Searching for Grandma Addie's family: Part 2

This is the second post in a series where I attempt to pinpoint the parents and siblings of my maternal 2nd great grandmother Addie Mae Deen Sweat. If you missed part one, you can read it here.

Since I knew that some of Addie's possible siblings were also linked to the Sweat family by marriage, I decided to explore the rest to see if there were more connections.

Alfred Deen married Janie Riggins 20 Apr 1915 in Pierce County, Georgia. Janie was a sister of Lilla J Riggins, the second wife of Addie's father-in-law, John Franklin Sweat. Lonnie and Janie's marriage ceremony was performed by TN Sweat. This was probably Reverend Thomas Newbern Sweat, the uncle of Addie's husband James Walter Sweat.

Lonnie Deen married Rosella Riggins in Pierce County, Georgia on 14 Jun 1913. Rosella was also a sister of Lilla J Riggins. Their marriage was also performed by TN Sweat. Interestingly, this couple named one of their daughters Stella, which is the name of JW and Addie's oldest daughter.

Again, I've found connections, but still no proof that these Deens are siblings of Addie. Searching the other possible siblings hasn't revealed any additional connections, at least that I've found at this time.

Next steps: In April, I will be traveling to South Georgia where Addie was born and most of the possible siblings passed away. While I'm in the area, I plan to search for the obituaries of these individuals to see if any note the parents' names.

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