Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Genealogy Goals


Extract Carson (and variations) vital records for Gilmer County.

Finish research plan for trip to South Georgia later this month.


Come up with solution for storing surname folders. At the moment, they are stacked on a stool beside my desk because I have nowhere else to put them.


Write 8 blog posts for each blog.


Compile a binder for educational materials. I come across a lot of great information from blogs, websites, webinars, etc that I can use for my genealogy research. Rather than try to remember all of it, I have decided to put it all together in one place so I can refer to it as needed.


Index 1,000 names for FamilySearch. This is a 50% reduction in my previous monthly indexing goal, but between my volunteer work and personal transcription project, I'm finding I have less time for researching.

Index 10 pages for Restore the Ancestors.

Participate in one Unclaimed Persons case.


Visit mother-in-law to continue scanning her pictures.

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