Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

By Erkan Yilmaz (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today is the day we set aside to give thanks for all the things we have in our lives. I've always wondered why we only have one day a year to do this. Is it because we forget the rest of the year and need to be reminded? Really, if you think about it, there's something to be thankful for every day of our lives.

Today, and always, I am thankful for

My family

Even though they sometimes drive me up the wall, I wouldn't trade them for the world. My husband is my rock, supporting me in my dreams even when he doesn't understand them. My daughter is everything to me. She inspires me to pursue my dreams and is always there with a hug and "I love you Mom" when I need a pick me up.

My parents both worked hard, but they always made an effort to be there for me when it was important. I'll never forget my dad showing up at my graduation in the semi. He was flat wore out from being on the road all week and didn't have time to stop at the house to switch vehicles and change before coming.

My sisters and I fought a lot growing up, but we always had each others backs if someone messed with one of us. Even though we aren't able to get together as much as we did when we were younger, we still have fun whenever we do. One of my most treasured memories is last year right before Christmas when we stayed up half the night playing Uno, talking about our (mis)adventures when we were young and just enjoying the time we had together.

I am grateful for all the new family members I've came across since beginning to research our family history. The stories and pictures they've shared are something I'll cherish forever. Some of them I now count as friends as well.

My friends

What would the world be without friends? Even though some are far away and I don't get to see or talk to them very often, I'm grateful for the friends I have in my life. Whether I need someone to talk to, give me a shoulder to cry on or just laugh and have fun, they're always there.

My genealogy community

Y'all have taught me so much since I met you. I've read your blogs, books and articles, attended some lectures and webinars you've presided over and even met a few of you in person. When no one else understands why I'm excited over some obscure reference to an ancestor, you're there to cheer me on.

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