Thursday, November 3, 2011

Planning for the Expo: Final Choices

I've been struggling for the last month to narrow my session choices down. As much as I would like to be able to, I just can't be in more than one session at a time. After much debate, I've narrowed it down to one session per time. As always, these are subject to change without notice.

November 11th
2:00 PM
  • Opening Keynote Address
3:30 PM
  • Researching North and South Carolina-the people, the records the jurisdictions
4:50 PM
  • Finding Your English/Welsh Ancestors
6:30 PM
  • Georgia Land Records
7:50 PM
  • The Clothesline Approach to Documentation and Analysis

November 12th
10:00 AM
  • Special Sources for Confederate Research in NARA
11:20 AM
  • The Campaigns Forgotten: American Wars after the American Revolution and before the Civil War Records in NARA
1:10 PM
  • Using the Genealogical Proof Standard and US Census Records as a Foundation for Creating an Effective Research Plan
2:30 PM
  • Flames Over the Courthouse
3:50 PM
  • Closing Keynote Address
If anyone would like to meet up at the Expo, tweet @freefamilytree to let me know and we'll make plans. I'll be checking in throughout the Expo.

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