Sunday, November 20, 2011

Genealogy Morning Tech Routine

I have been reading with interest the morning tech routines of some of my favorite geneabloggers. I have come to a conclusion. Apparently everyone but me is a morning person.

The alarm (aka my cell) goes off at 6:45, at which point I get up, although I have been known to hit the snooze button before, which results in a very rushed morning. I head to the kitchen for my first dose of caffeine in the form of Pepsi before moving on to my computer. I spent about 15 minutes checking Facebook and Twitter. While I may tweet good morning, I rarely join in any conversations this early because I have to be awake for a while before I'm coherent.

At 7:00, I wake my daughter up and get her ready for school. Once we get to school, I have a battle of wills with the car line monitor. He's supposed to open the doors for the kids and get them headed into school, but he usually ignores the cars lined up waiting on him to do his job. The parents either do it themselves or sit there until he finally comes over. Whether I wait or get out depends on how stubborn I'm feeling that particular morning and also whether I hit the snooze button, which usually means I'm still in my pajamas.

After arriving home, I fix breakfast and head back to the computer. Since I'm more awake at this point (having to get out of my warm car to walk around in the cold to open the car door does that), I check the news and RSS, sharing items of interest as I go.

With those complete, I check my email before moving on to my blogs. I check their stats and start working on posts. While I generally don't post every day (this month being the exception due to NaBloPoMo), I do try to work on a post daily. Not all of the daily posts I work on actually get published. Some sit around in my drafts folder waiting to be completed or deleted. Others are combined to make a single post. Occasionally, I will polish one up and post it on an article marketing site to help drive traffic.

The rest of the day until it's time to pick my daughter up is spent on genealogy and the duties of a housewife. Most of my genealogy research is not paid at the moment, although I plan for that to change in the future. In addition to researching my own family, I research for friends to get more experience in a wider range of locations and records.

I check in at Facebook and Twitter periodically throughout the day, joining the conversation if I have something to add. While I'm on G+, I don't check it as often as I probably should.

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