Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Genealogy Goals


Continue trying to reach cemetery where I believe my maternal 2nd great grandparents are buried. If I keep calling, someone's bound to answer eventually.

Revisit local library when I have time to devote at least a couple hours to the North Carolina Room (aka the genealogy room).


File the contents of my to-be-filed basket, which is actually a box right now since I started it before we moved and have been adding to it. Once I get the box emptied, I can start using the basket I bought specifically for this purpose.


Write nine posts for each blog.

Write profile on one direct-line ancestor.


Take one class or webinar. In looking at what is being offered currently in my budget (meaning free), I'm leaning towards Google Earth for Genealogy with Lisa Louise Cook, available at RootsMagic Webinars.

Continue with US Records Study Group.


Index 10 pages for Restore the Ancestors.

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