Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Genealogy Goals

Since the 1940 census is going to be released tomorrow morning, my goals for this month are simple-find as many people as possible. I've prepared by getting the EDs for the locations I know or believe the people to be in.

Some areas will yield multiple families. For instance my maternal great grandparents and three of the four 2nd great grandparents on that side should all be living the same town. On the paternal side, I have six different families that are most likely in the same area.

This will be the first census appearance of my paternal grandparents and my father-in-law (gotta love the quirks of marrying someone older than you). It will also be the last census appearance of some others in my tree.

To start, I will be looking primarily at direct-line ancestors. However, if I come across collateral relatives in the process, I'll definitely note them down as well. Once I have located all my direct-line ancestors, I'll move on to my husband's side and then collaterals.

As I come across each person or family on my list, I'll be writing a post about them. As always, if a name seems familiar, let me know. I'm always happy to share research and photos (if I have them)

I had planned to be sitting at my computer ready to start searching when the census was released, but unfortunately my husband threw a kink in that plan. Not realizing the importance of that day (selective listening must have kicked in while I was talking about it), he scheduled an appointment that both of us have to go to. By the time I found out it on Friday evening, it was too late to change it so I'm stuck with going to it instead of being home searching for ancestors as planned.

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