Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1940 Census: The Jackpot Find

When I was figuring out EDs to check for family members, I figured I'd have some family in the same area. Yesterday, though, I hit the jackpot. The funny thing is that after I shared my find with family members on our Facebook group, they helped me realize that my jackpot find was even bigger than I initially thought.

1940 US Census, Nashville, Berrien County, GA; ED 10-8, page 9B

Starting at line 51 is my great grandfather Clifford Eugene Sweat. Also in the household is my great grandmother Alice Isabel (Hayes) Sweat, my 2nd great grandmother Addie Mae (Deen) Sweat and cousins Louise Lee, GW Lee, Bessie Lee and Nadine Lee. The mother of the Lee children is Nellie Mae (Sweat) Lee, a sister of my great grandfather. A hired hand, Edgar Griffin, also lives in the household. It's possible this is also a relative because my great grandmother's aunt and my great grandfather's brother both married Griffins.

In the household that directly follows starting on line 59, is a brother of my great grandfather, Osborn Touchton Sweat. As in the household is his wife Evelyn (Griffin) Sweat and their daughter Dorothy.

The next household, which begins on line 62, is also family. J Isom Davis married my great grandfather's sister Gladys (Sweat) Davis. Their son J Isom Davis Jr is also in the household.

Two households down on line 69 is the Steve Spells family. Steve also married a sister of my great grandfather, Stella Mae (Sweat) Spells. Their children Alma, Doris, JW, Gene and Dwayne share the household.

On line 76 begins another household that may have family connections. I'll have to do a little digging to be sure but I suspect that Rena Mae Wilson is in fact Rena Mae Sweat, the oldest daughter of the couple in the previous household.

Last, but not least, on line 78 we find Tom Hayes. This is my 2nd great grandfather, father of Alice Isabel (Hayes) Sweat, who appeared with her husband in the first household I pointed out.

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