Friday, April 6, 2012

1940 Census: Grandfather Found

I've been so busy looking for family in the census I forgot to post about what I was finding. It's addictive! One of my recent finds was my grandfather Charles Leo Radcliff. It was a bittersweet find because just passed away a year ago and I'm still dealing with that.

Anyway, in the census he appears as Leo Radcliff. I found this interesting because while I knew it was his middle name, as far as I knew, he had always went by Charles, Charlie or his nickname Tucker. The same could be said for his sister, who appears as Mabel, which is her middle name.

Household of Charles Radcliff, 1940 US Census,Glenville, Gilmer County, West Virginia, ED 11-10, Sheet 9A
My grandfather was just 2 years old at his first enumeration; his sister was 2 months old. They were living with their parents (and my great grandparents) Charles and Emma Radcliff. My great grandmother was the one to answer the enumerator's questions.

The family was living on a rented farm on Chestnut Bottom Run and had been living there 5 years previously (the adults anyway). My great grandfather had a 7th grade education and worked as a farmer on his own account, working 40 hours the previous week. He had worked the entire year before.

My great grandmother had made it a little further in school, going through 8th grade. She was not employed and was a homemaker. With two young kids, not to mention the era, it's not surprising.

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