Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surname Saturday: A Few of My Surnames

Since it's Surname Saturday, I thought I'd share some of my surnames and the areas they are from. For a more detailed looked at my surnames, including names and dates, check the Surnames tab under the header. As always, if you think we have a connection, feel free to send me an email via the contact link on the right side of the page. Look for more surnames next Saturday.


My Boling/Bolling/Bowling lines are mainly from Kentucky and Indiana. Before that, we were in Virginia, which is where our Pocahontas connection comes in. From what I understand, we originally come from England and our ancestral home, Bolling Hall, is still standing and currently operates as a museum.


My Carson lines come from West Virginia and Virginia. Some spent time in Ohio as well. The death of my great grandmother Evelyn Edna King Carson was what spurred me into researching my family history seriously.


Very little research has been done on my Collins line to date. The few records I have uncovered so far place them in Virginia and later West Virginia.


I haven't researched my Davis line much. The first Davis I came across in my research was my maternal 2nd great grandmother Martha Elizabeth Davis Vanzandt, who was born in Indiana. Her father, according to census records, was born in Missouri.


As with some of my other lines, this line has had very little attention. The Dodson line joins my family tree through my paternal 3rd great grandmother Sarah Catherine Dodson. She was born in Virginia in an area that later became part of West Virginia and I know very little about her family.


My Deen/Dean lines have not been explored very far, mainly because the family of my 2nd great grandmother Addie Mae Deen Sweat is a bit of a mystery. At the moment, I can only say with accuracy that they were in south Georgia. Now that I have joined a group of descendants interested in learning more about her and others in the family, I hope I'll soon be able to report some progress.


This is another of my neglected lines. Florence Doretha Dumire was my paternal 3rd great grandmother. She was born in West Virginia, but as far as her family, the only information I have is the name of her parents as recorded on her death certificate.


I don't have a lot on the Grose family. The ones I have found to date come from Virginia and West Virginia. On an interesting note, my husband's paternal 2nd great grandmother was Eva Gross.If you trace it back far enough, there is probably a connection between the Grose and Gross lines. I know his great grandmother was born in Romania so that may be where the line comes from.


My Grossenbachers showed up in West Virginia, coming there from Ohio between 1872 and 1873. The family appears to have originated in Switzerland, arriving in the US from there at some point between 1841 and 1859 depending on which census year you look at.


The Harris' family was most recently found in Kentucky. More research is needed to be sure, but what I've found so far indicates they were in Tennessee before that and possibly started out in North Carolina.


My Hayes line hasn't been researched heavily, but it wasn't by choice. My 2nd great grandfather James Thomas Hayes has long been a brick wall for me, but things are starting to loosen. The family that I've found so far is in south Georgia. I've been told by various family members that this line has Irish roots.


The Kings have been found primarily in Virginia and West Virginia. The oldest ancestor I have information on was born in Maryland in the late 1700s.


I haven't got far on my Kocher lines. They appear in West Virginia, having come from Ohio. Some records have indicated that they may have come from Switzerland, but it appears that they are actually from Switzerland, Monroe County, Ohio. I haven't yet been able to trace the family before they appear in Ohio.

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