Monday, October 31, 2011

October Genealogy Goals Recap

This month wasn't as productive as far as my goals. However, I have accomplished a lot. Much of my time was spent reconnecting with family members on Facebook and setting up a wiki for the family. I hope to have it ready to share in the next month. If you're a descendant of James Walter Sweat and Addie Mae Deen or otherwise connected to the family and haven't joined us yet, send me a message through the contact me link in the left column and I'll be happy to let you know where to find us.

I also spoke on the phone with one of my cousins who has been researching the family since the late 1990s. She has amassed a huge amount of documents and photographs. Since she lived not too far from where the Georgia Family History Expo will be held, I'm hoping to be able to meet up with her while I'm down in that area.

In other news, I need to ask a favor of my readers. This past Tuesday my great uncle's health took a turn for the worse and he had to be rushed to the hospital, where he is currently in intensive care. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.


Continue trying to reach cemetery where I believe my maternal 2nd great grandparents are buried. If I keep calling, someone's bound to answer eventually.
This got put on the back burner. However, I did talk to another family member, a daughter of my great grandmother's brother, who confirmed that it where they are buried. So I'm tentatively marking this mystery solved, although I would like to have confirmation from the cemetery. Since there aren't any names on the concrete blocks that mark their graves, I'm hoping to find out who is buried in each spot. Once I have that nailed down, I'm going to talk to other family members about taking up a collection to put a headstone there.

Revisit local library when I have time to devote at least a couple hours to the North Carolina Room (aka the genealogy room).
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do this so it will be continued to next month.


File the contents of my to-be-filed basket, which is actually a box right now since I started it before we moved and have been adding to it. Once I get the box emptied, I can start using the basket I bought specifically for this purpose.



Write nine posts for each blog.
Counting this post, I ended up with eleven posts here. My other blog didn't fare as well.

Write profile on one direct-line ancestor.
Done. I will be posting it soon.


Take one class or webinar. In looking at what is being offered currently in my budget (meaning free), I'm leaning towards Google Earth for Genealogy with Lisa Louise Cook, available at RootsMagic Webinars.
Done. This month I stepped away from classes and webinars and went to Blog Talk Radio, which archives their shows. I listened to Add to Your Arsenal of Georgia Genealogy Resources.

Continue with US Records Study Group.
Done. You can see my work here, here and here.


Index 10 pages for Restore the Ancestors.
This also got put on the back burner so it's continued to next month as well.

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