Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Genealogy Goals

I've been slacking on my goals the last few months. I've had a lot going on and genealogy took a back burner to everything else. We're finally moved into our new place and are busy unpacking so this month's goals are going to be limited.


Send another round of lookup requests. While looking through my bookmarks, I came across a list of lookup volunteers that I had forgotten about.

Try contacting the cemetery where I believe my maternal 2nd great grandparents are buried. I tried a while back to confirm they were buried there, but wasn't successful at reaching anyone.


Finish getting my genea-cave* organized. At our old house, my genea-cave consisted of one corner of our spare bedroom. My husband and daughter each had a corner of the room with the last corner and the closet serving as storage space for all the stuff we had nowhere else to put. Needless to say, the room is extremely crowded. I couldn't even put my legs under my desk because of all the stuff stacked there.

Our new place is bigger and has both a living room and den. I laid claim to half the den for my genea-cave and personal library. My husband is taking the other half. Since our daughter's room is much bigger than her one at the old house, she'll finally be able to put all her stuff in her bedroom.


Eight posts a month per blog. One post here will be about the genealogy education notebook that I've put together.


Do at least one genealogy education course/webinar. Legacy has a couple that I'm interested in.


Take some Find-A-Grave pictures. 

*A genea-cave is the genealogy work area, surrounded by the ancestral collections of a lifetime of research, where you have all your genea-stuff (Definition courtesy the Genealogisms Dictionary at Genea-Musings. Be sure to check the comments for more great genealogisms)

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