Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Genealogy Goals

Hopefully this month will be better than the previous two as far as meeting my genealogy goals.


Extract Carson (and variations) vital records for Gilmer County.

Start working on research plan for trip to West Virginia this summer.


My surname folders are still stacked beside my desk so that's on the list of goals again for this month.

Label and file pictures scanned while in Florida.


Write down the stories I heard while in Florida before they are forgotten.

Eight blog posts for each blog.


Since I didn't get my education notebook set up last month (I did buy a folder for this purpose though), this goal will continue into this month. 


Index 1,000 names for FamilySearch.

Index 10 pages for Restore the Ancestors.

Participate in one Unclaimed Persons case.


In a funny coincidence, my husband's aunt found me on FindAGrave when she Googled her mother's name (I maintain her mother's memorial). She sent me a message saying that she noticed I had other family members of hers in my virtual cemetery and was curious if we were related. We both got a laugh out of it. I identified some people that she didn't know and told her I'd send her a copy of my research on the rest of her branch of the family.

While at my grandfather's funeral, I learned my great aunt is doing some genealogy research. I will be contacting her soon to see if we can pool our efforts.

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