Friday, May 27, 2011

In Memory of the Ancestors I Have Lost in My Lifetime

I spent the end of last month in Florida attending the funeral of my paternal grandfather. I lost my maternal grandfather just six months ago so it was difficult. On the drive back home, I was thinking about the ancestors I have lost in my lifetime.

Some I knew quite well, having spent a lot of time with them growing up. Others, like most of my great grandfathers, I don't really remember. They either passed away when I was really young or I didn't get to spend a lot of time with them. From the time I was born in 1982, I have lost:

Paternal great grandfather Argial Waitman Carson (1916-1985)

Maternal great grandfather Clifford Eugene Sweat (1911-1986)

Maternal 2nd great grandmother Eva Mae Sanders Boling Cooper (1907-1988)

Paternal great grandfather Charles William Radcliff (1915-1992)

~picture coming~

Maternal step great grandfather Clark L Sutter (1906-1994)

Maternal great grandfather Clyde Thomas Vanzandt (1922-1994)

Maternal great grandmother Virginia Leigh Boling Vanzandt Sutter (1925-2000)

Paternal great grandmother Evelyn Edna King Carson (1919-2007)

Maternal great grandmother Alice Isabel Hayes Sweat (1920-2009)

Maternal grandfather Thomas Walter Sweat (1941-2010)

Paternal grandfather Charles Leo Radcliff (1938-2011)

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