Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pocahontas Was My Grandma. Part 2

Rather than go about the project all willy-nilly, I decided to take an organized route. I looked to my closest Boling ancestor and worked backwards from there.

As I said in part one, my maternal great grandmother was Virginia Boling, daughter of Lora D Boling and Eva Mae Sanders. Lora was the son of Allison L Boling and Malinda Harris. Allison was the son of John Boling Jr and Elizabeth Phillips. John Jr was the son of John Boling Sr and Aschah Matherly.

John Boling Sr was the son of James Thomas Bolling (also found as Boling) and Nancy Ann Ellicock. James Thomas Boling was the son of another James Thomas Bolling (also found as Boling and Bowling) and Elizabeth Gay. This is where it gets interesting. Elizabeth's mother was also a Bolling, Elizabeth Bolling, daughter of Colonel John Bolling and Mary Kennon to be exact.

Moving back to the elder James Thomas Bolling, his parents were Major John Bolling and Elizabeth Bland Blair. The Major was the son of Colonel John Bolling and Mary Kennon and brother to Elizabeth Bolling, mother of Elizabeth Gay. Tying everything all up neatly with a bow is the fact that Colonel John Bolling was the son of Colonel Robert Bolling and Jane Rolfe, granddaughter of Pocahontas.

So as it turns out, I am descended from Pocahontas. My 7th great grandparents were both 3rd great grandchildren of hers. I was happy to finally find a family legend that was true. I thought that was the end of my connection, but I was wrong. There was another clue yet to be uncovered in Part 3.

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