Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday's Obituary: Eva Sanders Boling Cooper

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Eva Mae Sanders Boling Cooper was my maternal 2nd great grandmother. I've always been fascinated with her. According to my mom, she was married eight times, outliving every husband. She met her last husband in a nursing home after the family put her there thinking she couldn't take care of herself. They escaped from the nursing home together and got married. I've always thought it was such a romantic story.

In researching the story, I haven't been able to prove that she was married as many times as believed. I've only been able to find two husbands that I'm sure of, my 2nd great grandfather, Lora D Boling and her final husband, Andrew Cooper. However, it does appear that the story of the nursing home elopement is probably true.

Eva was the daughter of Delaney Sanders and Louetta Smith. She married Lora D Boling around 1921, probably in Hancock County, KY. The couple had six known children, five girls and one boy. They moved to Evansville, IN, probably between 1925 and 1930.

Lora passed in 1961 and at some point after this, Eva eloped from the nursing home with Andrew. He passed in 1975. She apparently never remarried after Andrew's death, staying alone until her death in 1988.

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