Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Traditions

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Growing up, I didn't see much of my dad. More often than not, he was on the road, driving truck to support our family. Since he couldn't be with us much, he tried to make holidays special. Every year for Valentine's Day, he would buy each of us girls a little box of chocolates.

It didn't matter that I don't really like chocolate. I just gave them to my sisters and kept the little heart-shaped box. One year my dad must have caught on to me not liking chocolate because he brought home a heart-emblazoned coffee cup filled with peppermints (which I love) and topped with a small bear. The peppermints are long gone, but I still have the coffee cup and bear. Even once these items are gone, I will still remember that my dad took the time to make sure all of his girls knew that they were loved by at least one man in their lives.

As we got older and found boyfriends who bought us stuff for Valentine's Day, my dad continued to buy us our box of chocolates every year. Even now, with all three of us girls married, he still makes sure to get us our box of chocolates if he knows we'll be over visiting around that time.

I've carried this tradition to my own family. Every year for Valentine's Day, my husband buys our daughter a little box of chocolates.

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